Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Teeth Whitening Tips in Hindi

Teeth Whitening Tips in Hindi People of all ages to keep your teeth white, domestic variety Nukson (home made remedies) use  Such as gel (gel), using the brush or the dentist bleaching (bleaching) or go for Procedure  Many types of products on the market (products) and procedures (procedures) are available, which ones best teeth whitening method (teeth whitening method) are upset to choose  Dental specialist (dentist) by the usual procedure is that the various methods so that you can different people (methods) are adopting  The best method of teeth whitening factors (factors) depends on  This particular individual's dental condition, its color and treatment (treatment) depends on the desired result by  Having yellow teeth or damage to them, the main cause of poor diet (poor diet), snacks drinks, cigarette smoking, inconsistent brush (irregular brush) or Flossing (flossing) and dentist (dentist) is to not investigate  The best treatment for most people to keep teeth white (treatment) is more than sweet, Kofi or avoid soda, Quitting and regular brush (regular brush) do  Some individuals say that their regular toothpaste with Hadrojn Peroksaid (hydrogen peroxide) and baking soda to the fluid (liquid) mixture of the plaque teeth (plaque) and let them help lighten  Regular type dental specialist (dentist) by going to the loss of teeth and Ptika (plaque) can be reduced, which is enough to preserve white, healthy teeth  Most people want their teeth at home the teeth whitening toothpaste white (teeth whitening toothpaste), bar (strip) and gel (gel) use  Many teeth whitening toothpaste Ptika (strip) and the same ability to fight off insects Floraid regular toothpaste (floride toothpaste) is in  The Sathame Inemil teeth (enamel) and subdued the powerful teeth bleach (bleach) is also the ability to  Shops for teeth whitening gel teeth whitening (teeth whitening gel) and strip (strips) are used, which Hadrojn Peroksid (hydrogen peroxide), baking soda (baking soda) or specific bleaching fluids (bleaching solution ) is the  This Bekteria (bacteria) by removing teeth is as white and shiny.

Most products are used according to the instructions they have a period of four weeks within the white teeth are the result of  Some individuals believe that dental specialist (dentist) to approach this problem is resolved immediately and come to the fore as a result of white teeth  After examining and cleaning the patient's teeth, dental specialist (dentist) a sort of powerful bleaching agent (strong bleaching agent) imposes on the teeth, the teeth are cleared immediately  Some dental specialist (dentist) to understand that the best method of teeth whitening laser (laser) or light therapy (light treatment) are  The Antrget a typical bleaching gel (bleaching gel) is applied to the teeth and the constant bright light (bright light) or laser beam (laser beam) by the brightness (flashes) is put  By the light of some chemical agents (agents chemicals) active (active) are within an hour's time in which the teeth are white  Additional dental specialist medical doctor (dentist) often patient bleaching strip (bleaching strip) provides that at home using teeth and can make a beautiful and white