Saturday, April 23, 2016

Medicare Advantage: Pitfalls Nd Helping Hands

My grandma was one of the kinder sort of people. She believed that everyone had good intentions and only wanted to help her in her old age. Upon reaching age sixty-five, she and the insurance company knew that she would have choose some sort of Medicare program to assist her living. However, Grandma fell into the trap that many kind-hearted people of her age do: she believed that her insurance people only wanted to be kind. In a nutshell, Grandma was duped.

And it’s the dishonest salesmen that give medicare a bad name. But not everyone is so nefarious. Medicare Advantage is meant to help. So how do you avoid the pitfall my grandma fell into? Educate yourself. There are lots of great options out there, and many companies are offering a helping hand. Here’s some information that helped out my grandma when she found out what was going on.

First off, Medicare Advantage is not Medicare. Medicare as we know it isn’t doing so well. Premiums keep going up, and no one tells you or your grandparents or anyone else. You just get a bill this month for more than what you paid last month. Medicare Advantage, however, completely replaces Medicare, and with zero premium plans, it often costs exactly the same as—if not less than—your old Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans gives you better coverage, saves you money, and yes, it can save your life. In fact, I can even throw some numbers out there for you: with the right company, you never spend more than $200 per month, and you will probably end paying even less than that.

So why don’t more people use this superman service? Well, that’s a great question. People like my grandma have a hard time finding anyone to trust these days. So if you’re scared off by the words “sell” and “Medicare,” then you should know there are companies you can trust. Call and talk to them. Visit their website. Talk to service providers.

We all know our government is struggling; Medicare isn’t what it used to be. You need something that you can rely on, and so did my grandma. She was looking for a way out, and Medicare Advantage gave her more coverage at a better price. I’ll even say it helped me—I hate math, and now I don’t have to be my grandma’s accountant.

I know I’ve been singing the praises of Medicare Advantage, but it was honestly that immense relief after tons of financial pressure. I found a provider I could trust, a payment I could afford, and a plan I could use. Check it out—it’s worth the time.