Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Assam Congress Chief Anjan Dutta Passes Away 2016

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Assembly elections on Thursday after a major setback for the Congress. Anjan Dutta was admitted to AIIMS Assam Pradesh Congress Committee president, died of cardiac arrest.
Dutta (64) was admitted to the hospital on May 18 and was being treated in the Department of Pulmonary.

Dutta Barua said a close relative Geetartha appeared Thursday morning due to cardiac arrest and died after seven to 11 minutes. Congress leader, wife and three daughters. Assam in recent elections, they had lost.
Rahul Gandhi met him on May 25.
Dutta former confidant of Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi cabinet over the first transport had several portfolios.
They December 13, 2014 was appointed chairman of the APCC and then he'd held the post.
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